50p Coins in Circulation

The 50p coin was introduced in 1969 to replace the Bank of England 10 Shilling note. It was one of only three decimal coins to have been made and circulated before decimalisation took place fully in 1971.

A huge number of different reverse designs have been used on the 50p coin over the years, sporadically at first and increasingly over recent years, with a whopping 29 different designs issued for the London 2012 Olympics and 21 different coins in 2019 alone.

As of March 2020 there are 117 different 50p coins (many of which, especially in recent years, were not or will not be issued for circulation). At least, that’s what I make it, but it is quite complicated and complicated even further by the ‘Strike Your Own’ coins, which are very often the same as other types, just with different packaging and some view them as different coins! I haven’t even counted the ‘special’ versions like the silver proof for example (which are very often colour printed)

Only 50p coins of the smaller format, dated 1997 to date are current legal tender.

Specifications of the current 50p coin are shown at the bottom of this page.

1969 – 1997 Larger 50p (coins no longer in use)

Details of all 50p coins are shown on separate pages, linked to below (click on text to see details for that date. Click on the image to see a larger version of that design):

50p2000rev1997 50p 50p2000rev1998 50p 50p1998EUrev1998 50p 50p1998NHSrev1998 50p 50p2000rev1999 50p
50p2000rev2000 50p 50p2000librariesrev2000 50p 50p2000rev2001 50p 50p2000rev2002 50p 50p2000rev2003 50p
50p2003revsuffra2003 50p 50p2000rev2004 50p 50p2004revrunner2004 50p 50p2000rev2005 50p 50p2005revdict2005 50p
50p2000rev2006 50p 50p2006brave2006 50p 50p2006cross2006 50p 50p2000rev2007 50p 50p2007_rev_small2007 50p
50p2000rev2008 50p 50p2008dentrev2008 50p 50p2008dentrev2009 50p 50p2009kewrev2009 50p 50p2009bluepeter2009 50p
50p2008dentrev2010 50p 50pguidesrev2010 50p 50p2008dentrev2011 50p 50p2011wwfrev2011 50p

29 Olympic 50p Coins

50p2008dentrev2012 50p 50p2008dentrev2013 50p 50p2013ironside2013 50p 50p2013britten2013 50p 50p2008dentrev2014 50p
50p2014games2014 50p 50p2008dentrev2015 50p (4th) 50p2008dentrev2015 50p (5th) 50P2015Battle2015rev2015 50p 50p2008dentrev2016 50p
50p2016r2016 50p 50pbeatrix1rev2016 50p 50p2016potterpeterrevagproofalt2016 50p 50p2016potterjemimarevagproofalt2016 50p 50p2016pottertiggyrevagproof2016 50p
50p2016pottersqiurrelrevagproof2016 50p 50p2016TeamGBrev2016 50p 50p2008dentrev2017 50p 2017 50p 2017 50p
2017 50p 2017 50p 2017 50p 50p2008dentrev2018 50p 2018 50p
2018 50p 2018 50p 2018 50p 2018 50p 2018 50p
2019 50p 2019 50p 2019 50p 50p2008dentrev2019 50p 2019 50p
2019 50p 2019 50p 2019 50p 2019 50p 2019 50p
2019 50p 2019 50p 2019 50p 2019 50p 2019 50p
2019 50p 2019 50p 2019 50p 2019 50p 2019 50p
2019 50p 2019 50p 2019 50p 2019 50p 50p2008dentrev2020 50p
2020 50p Others coming soon
Main Bust Types
1997 50p2000obv1998 – 2008 50p2008dentobv2008 – 2015 50pobv2015 –
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UK 50p coin specifications:

Size: 27.3mm
Metal composition: 75% copper, 25% nickel (referred to as cupro-nickel or copper-nickel)
Weight: 8 grammes