The Ten Pound Note

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The 2017 Polymer Jane Austen Ten Pound Note is the first £10 note of Series G. Polymer £5 notes were issued first, the new £20 notes will be introduced in the next couple of years.

Note that the words ‘SPECIMEN’ must be shown twice on reproductions of Bank of England notes to comply with their legal requirements.

The Polymer £10 note, introduced September 14th 2017:




Size: Approx. 132 x 69mm. The images were made on a red background, in order to properly show the transparent window area around Winchester Cathedral.

Chief Cashiers: £10 notes in circulation bear the signature of the previous Chief Cashier Victoria Cleland.

The story behind the design:

The reverse of the £10 note shows Jane Austen, the 19th century popular novelist.

This new Polymer (plastic) £10 note will circulate along side the paper Charles Darwin £10 notes until Spring 2018.

Ones to look out for:

Scarcer (but not necessarily valuable) notes include the following

AA01 is the first prefix with first serial range and therefore the first 999,999 notes made (the earlier the number the better). Notes with AA01 have been seen, so are certainly in circulation, despite some false stories that they start at AH01 or AE01 this time! Very early notes, i.e. AA01 000xxx will not be found in circulation.

No doubt there will be other hyped up prefixes that may temporarily go a bit silly online, just as with the new £5 note and the AK47 prefix (which soon subsided).

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