Other Coins & Banknotes

The most commonly collected decimal coins from change are the commemorative £2 coins, 50p and the UK themed £1 coins. These have separate pages with links on the home page. For the rest, there is this page, which covers decimal coins under 50p face value, decimal coins that are not seen in circulation and bank of England bank notes.

Bank Notes:

Bank of England bank notes currently in circulation

Current Decimal Coins over £2 face value:

Crowns with £5 Face value

Current Decimal Coins under 50p face value:

The Twenty Pence (20p)

The Ten Pence 1992 – date (10p)

The Five Pence 1990 – date (5p)

The Two Pence (2p)

The Penny (1p)

Decimal Coins not seen in circulation or demonetised:

Crowns with 25p face value (1972-1981)

Large Size Ten Pence (1968-1992)

Large Size Five Pence (1968-1990)

The Half Penny (1971-1984)


  1. Kerry Dixon
    25th June 2016

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    Hi is a £5 coin worth anything? ?

    • CYC-Admin
      26th June 2016

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      Most of them tend to be £5. A bit more in perfect condition, and of course it depends which one.

  2. Saul
    5th July 2016

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    Got a Balliwick of Guersey coin from 1997 (50p), a 1926 and 1941 half penny & a 1995 Manx 2p.

    I’ve got lots of other coins but I want to know if these are worth anything to collectors. Can’t seem to find references to them anywhere.

    • CYC-Admin
      6th July 2016

      Leave a Reply

      I think those are probably common inexpensive coins, but I’m not really up on Ch. Islands and IOM.

  3. Albert
    27th October 2016

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    I have a triple clipped mint error 2p does it hold any value

    • CYC-Admin
      27th October 2016

      Leave a Reply

      Yes, but probably not a huge amount. It’ll depend on the severity and condition.

  4. Noah
    26th February 2017

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    I have a really odd 20p that doesn’t say a word of English and has some Asian symbol on it. My grandad told me it was worth £40 but I don’t know if it’s just an Asian coin that found its way over here and looks like a 20p. Do you know anything about it?

    • CYC-Admin
      28th February 2017

      Leave a Reply

      No idea. There certainly are foreign coins that are 20p shape but without seeing it I don’t know what it is.

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