28/2/2021 Updates made to the website.

By on 28th February 2021

Over the last few days all of the Half pence to £2 coins have been brought right up to date. Changes have been made to the mintage figures of some older coins due to new data being available and £5 coins are now updated up to 2020. Some images have also been improved and other minor changes made.

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  1. David castledine
    11th July 2022

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    If 1995 fifty pence are so rare then why have I got several

    • CYC-Admin
      12th July 2022

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      They aren’t really that rare, but none were issued for circulation that year (they all went into sets) and as the pre 1997 coins are the larger (and demonitised) type, they are never seen in circulation.

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