Check Your Change app FAQ

Some general FAQs that people ask before installing the Check Your Change Android app and some other questions relating to use of the app.

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General Questions

The app was first made live (for Android) on the 6th February 2017.

A major upgrade which included a lot more coins and some useful extra features was rolled out during mid August 2017.

(The app was originally created from October 2016 to December 2016 and Beta tested during January 2017)

The upgrade, which shows current values in used and as-new condition for all of the hundreds of coins contained within the app costs £3.99.

The February 2018 version of the app contains 1,1122 valuations, i.e. 561 different coin values in as-new and used condition.

The upgrade includes one year of free updates to the valuations, which are made usually once or twice a month.

As of the new release made in mid August 2017 the Android app is currently approx. 60mb in size.

The iOS version is approx.. 80mb in size.

The large size is due to the amount of images that are included in a few different size formats – one large version and at least two other versions to best suit various screen sizes.

The app can be used without an internet connection. The pictures and data are always there and can be viewed from anywhere in the universe!

The app doesn’t require or attempt to access any files on your phone/device, apart from its own files that are installed with the app (e.g. the many coin images).

Unfortunately Google does not use different nomenclature to differentiate your own media files and the files that are about to be installed with the app. Once the app related files are installed on your device, Google sees them as ‘your files’ and as the app obviously needs access to its own files (which are now classed as ‘your files’), the ‘Photos/Media/Files’ access permission is shown when installing the app.

The only other permission required when installing the app is the ‘In-app purchases’ which is to facilitate the upgrade to premium version (to show the values) for those that wish to upgrade.

Yes, use of the app is free. Users can mark coins as got, change the quantity they have and also record a short note for every coin. The app is completely free of advertisements.

There is an option to ‘upgrade to premium’ which when purchased reveals current market values for all the coins in both used and as-new condition.

Yes, it is now!

The app includes all of the current mainland UK coins that are can potentially be found in circulation as well as older demonetised decimal coins. It also includes the vast majority of coins that were only sold in BU sets, proof sets or single coin BU packages.

Overseas UK territory coins are NOT included (e.g. from the Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Isle of Man etc).

Full list of circulation coins currently covered in the app:

Half Penny coins, 1971 – 1984
One Penny coins, 1971 – date
Two Pence coins, 1971 – date
Five Pence coins, 1968 – date
Ten Pence coins, 1968 – date
Twenty Pence coins, 1982 – date
Fifty Pence coins, 1969 – date, including all commemorative issues
One Pound coins, 1983 – date
Two Pound coins, 1986 – date, including all the commemorative issues
Crown coins, older 25p version 1972 – 1981 and newer £5 coins 1990 – date

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