Exactly which coins are included?

By on 3rd March 2017

The app includes all of the current mainland UK coins that are can potentially be found in circulation as well as older demonetised decimal coins. It also includes the vast majority of coins that were only sold in BU sets, proof sets or single coin BU packages.

Overseas UK territory coins are NOT included (e.g. from the Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Isle of Man etc).

Full list of circulation coins currently covered in the app:

Half Penny coins, 1971 – 1984
One Penny coins, 1971 – date
Two Pence coins, 1971 – date
Five Pence coins, 1968 – date
Ten Pence coins, 1968 – date
Twenty Pence coins, 1982 – date
Fifty Pence coins, 1969 – date, including all commemorative issues
One Pound coins, 1983 – date
Two Pound coins, 1986 – date, including all the commemorative issues
Crown coins, older 25p version 1972 – 1981 and newer £5 coins 1990 – date

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