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‘Premature Release’ Paddington Bear 50p nonsense

By on 13th June 2018

The forthcoming Paddington Bear 50p has been in the news lately after seemingly appearing in circulation before it’s official release date. This seems to have excited some eBay users and tabloids. Jim H was also perplexed and wrote to me

The Alphabet 10p coins

By on 23rd March 2018

The alphabet 10p coins, struck in 2018 and 2019. A little more information can be found here: 10p Coins in Circulation

Final 2016 Mintage Figures

By on 12th May 2017

The Royal Mint released the final 2016 mintage figures today. They are: £2 WWI Army: 9,550,000 £2 Fire of London: 5,135,000 £2 Shakespeare Comedies (Jester hat): 4,355,000 £2 Shakespeare Histories (Crown and Dagger): 4,615,000 £2 Shakespeare Tragedies (Skull and Rose):

Queues again for Peter Rabbit

By on 3rd April 2017

To mark the 150th anniversary of the death of Beatrix Potter (in 2016) the Royal Mint issued 5 Potter themed coins. They had absolutely no idea how popular the Peter Rabbit silver proof coin (complete with tacky colour transfer, which

Impossible New £1 Found in Change.

By on 27th November 2016

A man from the Midlands found this 2016 dated new 12-sided £1 coin in his change today (7th November 2016)! He was also recently in Devon and isn’t sure when or where he received it. Some vending machine company’s do

New 2015 Royal Navy Coin

By on 25th October 2016

As of October 2016 (a year late) the 2015 Royal Navy coin is appearing in circulation. As suspected, it bears the 5th portrait of the Queen, making it distinctly different to the Royal Navy coins that were included in the

2015 Mintage figures

By on 22nd June 2016

The Royal Mint have just released most of the mintage figures for 2015 coins. They have been added to the appropriate pages. Here is a summary: 1p with 4th portrait – 154,600,000 1p with 5th portrait – 418,201,016 2p with

Peter Rabbit causes a long queue

By on 1st March 2016

Yesterday (29th February 2016) the Royal Mint Ltd launched the Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit 50p coin. It proved so popular that the website was barely accessible and buyers were put into a queue before accessing even the home page. Some

New 2015 Heraldic £1 coin

By on 2nd April 2015

Yesterday the Royal Mint announced a new £1 coin design with a heraldic theme representing the United Kingdom. More details and pictures to follow.

New 2015 £2 reverse

By on 1st March 2015

The Royal Mint have just announced a new standard £2 coin reverse, to replace the familiar technology reverse, used 1997-2015. The new coin features Britannia by Anthony Dufort, the first time for a circulation coin since the last of the old design 50p