2015 Mintage figures

By on 22nd June 2016

The Royal Mint have just released most of the mintage figures for 2015 coins. They have been added to the appropriate pages. Here is a summary:

1p with 4th portrait – 154,600,000
1p with 5th portrait – 418,201,016
2p with 4th portrait – 85,900,000
2p with 5th portrait – 139,200,000
5p with 4th portrait – 163,000,000
5p with 5th portrait – not yet known
10p with 4th portrait – 119,000,000
10p with 5th portrait – 91,900,000
20p with 4th portrait – 63,175,000
20p with 5th portrait – 131,250,000

50p with 4th portrait and standard shield reverse – 20,101,000
50p with 5th portrait and Battle of Britain reverse – 5,900,000

£1 with 4th portrait and standard shield reverse – 29,580,000
£1 with 5th portrait and standard shield reverse – 63,475,640 (this figure is probably an error and is likely to be the figure for the coin with the Royal Arms reverse, below).
£1 with 5th portrait and Royal Arms reverse – not yet known, but see above.

£2 with 4th portrait and standard ages of man reverse – 35,360,058
£2 with 4th portrait and Royal Navy reverse – not yet known
£2 with 5th portrait and Magna Carta reverse – 1,495,000

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  1. Eva
    5th July 2016

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    Hi there. I have a number of £2 coins. I would appreciate what to look for on Miss printed coins. For example, a 1999 with 999 instead of 1999. Is it of any value? Many thanks

    • CYC-Admin
      6th July 2016

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      What you describe can happen when a digit in the die gets blocked. It’s probably worth more than face value, but it all depends on who you can find that is interested and how much people are willing to pay. It’s also possible that it could be a sloppily made forgery of a £2, but I’ve certainly heard of and seen genuine coins with digits missing.

  2. Scott
    15th January 2017

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    I have a £2 coin it is the first world war 1914-1918 2015 an the picture is, what looks like a war ship. Do you know the mintage of theses coin.



  3. Barrie Mortimer
    4th March 2017

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    There appears to be a difference in numbering of designs of portraits here and designs of obverses in Collectors’ Coins. Obverses seem to have changed without altering the portrait. I am easily confused.

    • CYC-Admin
      5th March 2017

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      Which ones exactly Barrie and I’ll check it out and will try to make it uniform across the book and website.

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