The Ten Pound Note

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The current Ten Pound Note is technically a Series E variant and was first issued in its current guise on the 7th November 2000.

Note that the words ‘SPECIMEN’ must be shown twice on reproductions of Bank of England notes to comply with their legal requirements.





Size: Approx. 142 x 75mm.

Chief Cashiers: £10 notes in current circulation bear the signature of one of four different Chief Cashiers, namely Merlyn Lowther (1999 to 2003), Andrew Bailey (2004 to 2011), Chris Salmon (2011 to 2014) or Victoria Cleland (2014 to date).

The story behind the design:

The reverse of the £10 note shows the naturalist Charles Darwin. Author of ‘On the Origin of Species’ and possibly one of the most influential British scientists.

Ones to look out for:

Scarcer (but not necessarily valuable notes) include the following

Merlyn Lowther notes with AA01, Aj01, EL, LL, CC80, MH, MJ, MK or MM prefixes. The correct wording in the band of text above the central oval where the Queen’s watermark appears is ‘The Governor and Company of the Bank of England’. A variety exists with the wording ‘The Governor and the Company of the Bank of England’ (with an extra ‘the’). This is technically incorrect, however both types were made in high numbers.

Andrew Bailey notes with CC41, EL, HL, LL or LA prefixes.

Chris Salmon notes with JH prefixes (and possibly others, more research is needed).

Victoria Cleland notes with LH (and possibly others, more research is needed).

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