What is the ‘sets’ icon and what does it mean?

By on 3rd March 2017

The ‘sets’ icon showing 3 small circles applies to two types of coin:

  1. Older coins that were originally only made available in years sets (either proof or brilliant uncirculated) or sold individually in sealed packaging, rather than actually being placed in circulation.
  2. Very new coins (i.e. from the current year) that have not yet appeared in circulation but can be purchased either as part of a set or in individual ‘BU’ packaging. When a very new coin appears in circulation it’s icon is removed. Note that just because some of the newest coins are shown as ‘sets’ only coins doesn’t mean they will stay that way!

Any of the older ‘sets’ coins that are found in circulation are coins that have been broken out of their packaging and spent at some stage! It doesn’t happen often, but it is technically possible and for this reason the ‘sets’ coins are included within the app by default. Newer ‘sets’ coins found in circulation may be due to them recently being circulated for the first time (once a few confirmed sightings are made, the ‘sets’ icon is removed).

If you’d rather strictly stick to collecting coins that were or are currently known to circulate, the ‘sets’ coins can be disabled and rendered invisible using the option in the settings (cog icon) options screen.

The Check Your Change admin is Mr C H Perkins, publisher of numismatic publications in printed and eBook format. Author of "Collectors' Coins - Decimal Issues of the UK" and other books on British coins and related subjects.


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