Retrospective Mintage changes

By on 28th August 2018

Noted recently are a number of published Royal Mint amendments to old mintage figures. Perhaps they went through their figures and noticed that some were not quite correct. The changes themselves are not massive and seem to have affected coins that already had very large mintages, so I suspect it won’t be reported in the papers/tabloid websites and it won’t cause a silly frenzy on eBay, which makes a refreshing change!

The changes have been reflected on this website and will be changed in the next update of the app (and of course in the next book).

Coin affected by mintage number changes were:

Half Penny



2000, 2001

Two Pences

1991, 1996, 1998 (separate figures for the bronze and copper plated steel types for the first time), 2000, 2001

Five Pences

2000, 2001

Ten Pences

2000, 2001,

Twenty Pences

2000, 2005

Fifty Pence

2005 (Britannia)

One Pound


Two Pound

1999 (Technology)


Thanks to Neil Baldwin, Lee Holt and Candice Clews for bringing this to my attention.

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  1. Robert
    1st July 2022

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    I’ve always thought there must be something wrong with the mintage figure for the 1976 2p. It’s not rare but seems to be much scarcer in circulation than the mintage would suggest.

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