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2017 Single Metal Error £1, the Facts

By on 31st January 2018

The monometallic error £1 coins and my BU set theory Noted in the press recently (the Times first reported it on 30/1/18) there has been some exposure for the discovery and forthcoming auction of a 2017 £1 coin made of

The 2014 Trial Piece £1 coins

By on 16th January 2018

The 2014 trial £1 has now been confirmed as an authentic Royal Mint product. These coins were lent to members of the European Vending Association for testing of the basic shape. Approximately 20,000 were made and it isn’t yet known how

Error Coins, an Introduction

By on 16th December 2017

Error coins are a fascinating and still fairly non mainstream side-line to regular coin collecting. Despite the headline grabbing stories about rare and error coins you can find in your change that are worth ‘a fortune’ that the tabloid/clickbait press

The seven new £1 coin varieties (& 2 errors)

By on 17th May 2017

Revised 26/5/2018.   Everything the advanced collector needs to know about the new £1 coin, it’s varieties and known errors/mules. This page contains information on: The Seven Different £1 coin types (2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017) Two errors that have

2015 Britannia £2 incorrect alignment

By on 22nd September 2016

  Originally thought to be a one-off, but now more have come to light since this post was originally written in September 2016. This is a newly discovered 2015 Britannia £2 coin error that concerns die alignment. Normally all modern British