Error Coins – Images

To be used in conjunction with the Error Coin – List Project page.

(for an introduction to UK decimal coin errors see Error Coins, an Introduction)

Each error coin image has a reference number, find the description for that particular error coin type on the Error Coins – List project page. Note that many images have been provided by other people and as some were images from sales websites or images of coins posted on social media, the quality isn’t consistent. For a lot of images I do not know who the copyright owner is, so if any of these images belong to you I will of course remove them if required – I do not want to infringe anyone’s copyright!

Two Pound Coin Errors:

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One Pound Coin Errors:

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Fifty Pence Coin Errors:

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Twenty Pence Coin Errors:

Ten Pence Coin Errors:

Five Pence and Two Pence Errors:

One Penny Errors: