2001 £5 Crown

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Only one crown was issued in 2001. There wasn’t a lot going on in 2001, so the best the Royal Mint could come up with was a crown to commemorate 100 years since the end of the Victorian era. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the odd year where a lot fewer commemorative coins were issued!?

Commemorative £5 Coin, Type 9:

Obverse Type (bust design by Ian Rank-Broadley):


Reverse Type (design by Mary Milner-Dickens):


Edge: Milled edge.

Mintage for Circulation: 851,491.

Collectability/Scarcity: 1 (for scale details see here)

The story behind the design:

The obverse shows the Ian Rank-Broadley bust of the Queen. The reverse by Mary Milner-Dickens shows part of a Victorian stamp with a bust Queen Victoria, within a ‘V’ made of stylised railway tracks, surrounded by architectural elements of the Crystal Palace. Queen Victoria is, at the time of writing, the longest reigning British (or English) monarch to date.



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