The App

Coming soon: Manage your collection with the Check Your Change app


Screenshots of coin pages, click to enlarge.

Screenshots and outline of features, click to enlarge

Currently under development for Android devices only, expected release date will be January 2017.

The Check You Change App will allow you to view all information for current circulating UK coins*. As standard you’ll be able to toggle coins as ‘got’ or needed and use the colour-coded view to easily show what coins you need and which you already have.

  • Filter by denomination..
    ..and by needed coins or coins you already have
  • Mintage numbers shown
  • Pictures of both sides
  • Design and designer details
  • Tally of how many coins you own out of the total that exist
  • Rarer coins marked with gold, silver or bronze status
  • Coins that were originally only in sets/packs are marked
  • Updated with new coin releases

Unlock the (paid) premium version to get access to live “Collectors’ Coins – Decimal Issues of the UK” value data for your coins in Uncirculated condition and, where relevant, also in used condition. Valuation data is kept live and accurate.

*Does not include UK territory coins, e.g. Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Gibraltar etc.