The App

The Check You Change App allows you to view all information for current circulating UK coins*. As standard you’ll be able to toggle coins as ‘got’ or needed and use the colour-coded view to easily show what coins you need and which you already have. You can also save a short text note for each coin, e.g. to keep a note of the condition, what you paid for the coin or where you found it etc.

  • Filter by denomination..
    ..and by needed coins or coins you already have
  • Mintage numbers shown
  • Add a short text for each coin
  • Pictures of both sides
  • Design and designer details
  • Tally of how many coins you own out of the total that exist
  • Rarer coins marked with gold, silver or bronze status
  • Coins that were originally only in sets/packs are marked and can be filtered out if required
  • Updated with new coin releases

Unlock the (paid) premium version to get access to live “Collectors’ Coins – Decimal Issues of the UK” value data for your coins in Uncirculated condition and, where relevant, also in used condition. Valuation data is kept live and accurate.

*Does not include UK territory coins, e.g. Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Gibraltar etc.


Screenshots of coin pages, click to enlarge.

Screenshots and outline of features, click to enlarge