The App

The only app with valuation data! – The Check Your Change Android UK decimal coin app is the only app available which includes the option of viewing coin valuation data. Also coming soon for iOS devices.

Some Frequently asked questions relating to the app, click this line.

The Check You Change App allows you to view all information for current circulating UK coins*. As standard you can toggle coins as ‘got’ or needed and use the colour-coded view to easily show what coins you need and which you already have. You can also save a short text note for each coin, e.g. to keep a note of the condition, what you paid for the coin or where you found it etc.

  • Filter by denomination..
    ..and by needed coins or coins you already have
  • Mintage numbers shown
  • Add a short text for each coin
  • Pictures of both sides
  • Design and designer details
  • Tally of how many coins you own out of the total that exist
  • Rarer coins marked with gold, silver or bronze status
  • Coins that were originally only in sets/packs are marked and can be filtered out if required
  • Updated with new coin releases
  • All images used are my own and are not simply copied from the Royal Mint or found on google!

Unlock the (paid) premium version to get access to live “Collectors’ Coins – Decimal Issues of the UK” value data for your coins in Uncirculated condition and, where relevant, also in used condition. Valuation data is kept live and accurate.

Planned future developments for the Check Your Change app: The addition of all other obsolete/non circulating decimal coins back to 1968. The conversion and development of a version of the app for iOS (Apple) devices.

*Does not include UK territory coins, e.g. Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Gibraltar etc.

Some screenshots, explanation and features:

Image 1 Image 2
Image 3 Image 4
Image 5 Image 6

Image 1: One of the main denomination pages. Swipe up or down to show earlier/later dates. Note the top left green box shows the number of coins out of the grand total of possible coins to own. The ‘All’, ‘Need’ and ‘Got’ options filter the coins so that it’s easier to see all coins or the coins you need or already have. Coins with a light red background (all of them in this image) are coins that are needed. When marked as ‘got’ the backgrounds change to light green. Coins that were originally only available to purchase have a three-circle icon bottom left, e.g. the first 2009 coin in the top row.  Based on the current market value/demand, some coins have a crown icon (top right) and are accompanied by either a bronze, silver or gold coloured border.

Image 2: One of the main coin pages showing the 2010 Mary Rose £2 coin. Top right is the ‘Notes’ feature icon (see image 6). The mintage numbers of every coin are shown, as are edge motto details where relevant, a short title and a longer description which usually includes the designer name. The ‘Got it’ logo is greyed out until pressed, upon which it will turn green and the coin is marked as owned. The red arrows are for moving chronologically through the range of coins. If the premium version is not purchased the ‘UNLOCK PREMIUM FOR VALUATIONS’ if shown above the ‘Back’ button.

Image 3: Another of the main individual coin pages, in this case for the 2010 Belfast city £1 coin. This one has been upgraded and shows the value of the coin in used condition (in this case it’s FV for face value) and in as-new condition (correct 7/3/17).

Image 4: Another main coin page, again showing the Mary Rose £2 coin but this time with the premium values turned on.

Image 5: When any of the coin images of the individual coin pages are pressed they reveal a larger image of the coin, which is handy to clarify identification. This example is the 2002 Northern Ireland Commonwealth Games £2 coin.

Image 6: An example of the notes feature. Up to 256 characters can be recorded for each coin. Very handy for noting all kinds of information.

Here is Promo Video on YouTube (with cheesy music):