£5 Crown Coins

During the whole of the 20th century the large crown denomination was traditionally reserved for special use, e.g. coronations, jubilees etc. For actual everyday use the public has long preferred bank notes as a means to carry and pay for higher value items and for this reason the large and cumbersome Crown coins are rarely seen in use, even though they are technically legal tender and can be spent. The fact that they cannot be collected from circulation means that they are less collected than the 50p, £1 and £2 coins.

Upon decimalisation in 1971 the Crown coin, which had always been 5 Shillings, became it’s decimal equivalent, i.e. 25 pence. Crowns with 25p face value were issued in 1972, 1977, 1980 and 1981. See here for more details on those.

After a whole nine years of no new Crowns, it was decided that the 1990 Crown should be re-valued to an amount that better reflected its larger size and weight and thus the £5 Crown was born.

As of January 2017 there have been 45 £5 Crowns issued (plus quite a few proof only, not yet listed).

Details of all £5 coins are shown below:

1990 (1 coin – Queen Mother’s 90th)
1993 (1 coin – 40th anniversary of Coronation)
1996 (1 coin – Queen’s 70th birthday)
1997 (1 coin – Queen’s 40th wedding anniversary)
1998 (1 coin – 50th Birthday of Prince Charles)
1999 (2 coins – Princess Diana commemorative and 1999 dated Millennium coin)
2000 (2 coins – 2000 dated Millennium coin and Queen Mother’s 100th)
2001 (1 coin – Centenary of end of Victorian ers)
2002 (2 coin – 50th anniversary of accession to throne, and Queen Mother death)
2003 (1 coin – 50th anniversary of coronation)
2004 (1 coin – Entente Cordiale)
2005 (2 coins – Nelson and battle of Trafalgar)
2006 (1 coin – Queen’s 80th birthday)
2007 (1 coin – Queen’s 50th wedding anniversary
2008 (2 coins – Elizabeth I and 60th Birthday of Prince Charles)
2009 (2 coins – Henry VIII and Countdown ‘3’)
2009-2010 – There were 18 ‘Celebrations of Britain’ Crowns issued, all as proofs only. Not yet listed.
2010 (2 coins – Restoration of Monarchy and Countdown ‘2’)
2011 (3 coins – William Royal Wedding, Countdown ‘1’ and Prince Philip’s 90th)
2012 (4 coins – Countdown ‘0’, London Olympics x2, 50th anniversary of accession)
2013 (3 coins – 50th anniversary of coronation, Prince George x2)
2014 (2 coins – Queen Anne and Prince George 1st birthday)
2015 (6 coins – Churchill, Waterloo, Birth of Princess Charlotte, Longest reign and 2x silver proof only coins)
2016 (1 coin – Queen’s 90th birthday)
2017 (2 coins so far – Canute and House of Windsor)

UK £5 Crown coin specifications:

Size: 38.61mm
Width: 2.89mm
Metal composition: Cupro-nickel (75% copper, 25% nickel)
Weight: 28.28g


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