£2 Pound coins snapshot

In 1998 the now familiar bi-metallic £2 coin was introduced. There had been seven different thicker £2 coins made of a single metal issued before this date but while these coins are still legal tender, they are rarely seen in circulation. Initially the first bi-metallic £2 coins were non-commemorative and used the ages of development reverse with its attractive circular patterns and the edge lettering ‘STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS’. Click on the dates below to see the £2 coin(s) issued for that year.

Edge lettering: I get a lot of enquiries about the wording on the edges of £1 and £2 coins. Note that the edge lettering can be up one way or the other, it’s completely random.

As of late 2016 there are 57 £2 coins.

Details of all £2 coins are shown below:

1986 – 1996 Single metal coins

1994 Trial Bi-metallic coin.

2poundsStandardrev1997 Two Pounds 2poundsStandardrev1998 Two Pounds 2poundsStandardrev1999 Two Pounds 2pounds1999rugbyrev1999 Two Pounds 2poundsStandardrev2000 Two Pounds
2poundsStandardrev2001 Two Pounds 2pounds2001marcrev2001 Two Pounds 2poundsStandardrev2002 Two Pounds 2pounds2002revENG2002 Two Pounds 2pounds2002revNI2002 Two Pounds
2pounds2002revSCO2002 Two Pounds 2pounds2002revWAL2002 Two Pounds 2poundsStandardrev2003 Two Pounds 2pounds2003DNArev2003 Two Pounds 2poundsStandardrev2004 Two Pounds
2pounds2004revtrev2004 Two Pounds 2poundsStandardrev2005 Two Pounds 2pounds2005nov5th2005 Two Pounds 2pounds2005stpauls2005 Two Pounds 2poundsStandardrev2006 Two Pounds
2pounds2006revbrunel2006 Two Pounds 2pounds2006revBbrunel2006 Two Pounds 2poundsStandardrev2007 Two Pounds 2pounds2007revunion2007 Two Pounds 2pounds2007revslave2007 Two Pounds
2poundsStandardrev2008 Two Pounds 2pounds2008olycentr2008 Two Pounds 2pounds2008beijingr2008 Two Pounds 2poundsStandardrev2009 Two Pounds 2pounds2009darwin2009 Two Pounds
2pounds2009burnsr2009 Two Pounds 2poundsStandardrev2010 Two Pounds 2poundsnightingalerevjpg2010 Two Pounds 2poundsStandardrev2011 Two Pounds 2pounds2011bible2011 Two Pounds
2pounds2011mrrev2011 Two Pounds 2poundsStandardrev2012 Two Pounds 2pounds2012rio2012 Two Pounds 2pounds2012dickens2012 Two Pounds 2poundsStandardrev2013 Two Pounds
2pounds2013tuberoundal2013 Two Pounds 2pounds2013tubetrain2013 Two Pounds 2pounds2013guinea2013 Two Pounds 2poundsStandardrev2014 Two Pounds 2pounds2014wwi2014 Two Pounds
2pounds2014trinhse2014 Two Pounds 2poundsStandardrev2015 Two Pounds 2pounds2015WW1rev2015 Two Pounds (4th) 2pounds2015WW1rev2015 Two Pounds (5th) 2pounds2015Magna2015 Two Pounds (4th)
2pounds2015Magna2015 Two Pounds (5th) 2poundrev2015 Two Pounds 2poundrev2016 Two Pounds twopounds2016wwir2016 Two Pounds twopounds2016firer2016 Two Pounds
twopounds2016jesterr2016 Two Pounds twopounds2016crownswordr2016 Two Pounds twopounds2016skullr2016 Two Pounds 2poundrev2017 Two Pounds 2017 Two Pounds
2017 Two Pounds
Main Bust types
2pounds1997obv1997 2pounds1998-obv1998 – 2015 britannia2poundsobv2015 –

Text only links, in case the table above does not display correctly:
1997 (1 coin – standard Technology reverse), 1998 (1 coin – standard Technology reverse), 1999 (2 coins – Technology and Rugby World Cup), 2000 (1 coin – standard Technology reverse), 2001 (2 coins – Technology and Marconi Wireless),  2002 (5 coins – Technology and 4 coins for Commonwealth games), 2003 (2 coins – Technology and DNA) , 2004 (2 coins – Technology and Trevithick Engine), 2005 (3 coins – Technology, Gunpowder plot and End of WWII ), 2006 (3 coins – Technology and 2 coins for Brunel), 2007 (3 coins – Technology, UK Union and Slave Trade), 2008 (3 coins – Technology, 1908 Olympics and Handover to London), 2009 (3 coins – Technology, Darwin and Burns), 2010 (2 coins – Technology and Nightingale), 2011 (3 coins – Technology, Mary Rose, King James bible), 2012 (3 coins – Technology, Dickens, Handover to Rio), 2013 (4 coins – Technology, Guinea and London Underground x2), 2014 (3 coins – Technology, Kitchener and Trinity house), 2015 (5 coins – Technology, Navy, Magna Carta x2 and the new Britannia), 2016 (6 coins – Britannia, Army, Fire of London and 3 for Shakespeare)

UK Bi-metallic £2 coin specifications:

Size: 28.4mm
Width: 2.5mm
Metal composition of gold coloured part: 76% copper, 4% nickel, 20% zinc (referred to as nickel-brass)
Metal composition of silver coloured part: 75% copper, 25% nickel (referred to as cupro-nickel or copper-nickel)
Weight: 12 grammes